Our research is based on the relationship between theory and practice

ARCOQUATTRO architecture is a project studio with its main headquarters in Milano. The various education and experience of the professionals within allows the carrying out of project themes ranging from town and country planning to construction projects, internal design and the conception of the object for industrial production

In an effort to have effective co-ordination between what is the preliminary project and that carried out on the actual site and direction of works, our role takes into account the various phases of architectural construction from that executed in the studio concerning the field of architecture and design through projects to the establishment of building and public spaces, activities gaining esteem in various publications as well as recognition and awards.

Values and Philosophy

The partners of ARCOQUATTRO ARCHITETTURA share the same values and philosophy of work, attributing a fundamental role to experimental spatial and research architecture. Every project is the result of specific articulated research. A defined relationship with context, the organization of functional programming, resource analysis, an emphasis on the well-being of the person and energy-saving are fundamental elements in the project process. Project and context are in fact for us inseparable, a synthesis of successive historical moments and of a past heritage, at the same time unpronounceable strategic elements essential for the development of the contemporary. The retrieval of existing elements and the development of innovative solutions are a part of the same ideation process that lives up to the features of our times.

The process of analyzing and the project stage are effectuated via a multi-disciplinary methodology so allowing us to face up to both the complex contexts and highly sensitive issues from the point of view of landscaping and culture as well as the ideation of innovative structure and experimental construction. A consciousness of the past, an awareness of the present and ongoing innovation represents for us contemporaneity and it is precisely these that we offer at the base of each project.