Franck Nolesini


Born in Asnières France, in 1974, graduated in architecture in 1999 at the polytechnic of Milan.

He carries out both the roles of national and international collaboration, drafting of urban and architectural planning. In 2007 he joined the ACROQUATTRO ARCHITETTURA STUDIO of which he became a partner.

He is a university lecturer at the Polytechnic of Milan for the course in the Master of science in construction engineering where he is responsible for an architectural design studio as well as responsible for an architectural journal “Recuperare l’Edilizia (Reviving Building) and author of various articles published in various journals regarding architecture and urban planning.

In 2008, he was one of the winners of the “Premio Baracca” (the Baracca Prize) for residential architecture and in 2009 he was included in the “almanacco” of Italian architects in the journal “Casabella”.