The Giordana Loft


The renovation and expansion of an elegant Milanese palace from the early ‘900 becomes an opportunity to investigate the concept of free unified space within a highly defined context.

The project aims at defining an interior space in a building searching for a way of retrieving a series, searching for a way of intervention aimed at recovering a number of existing environments and to create a single large space.

Working on the assumption that the removal of internal walls and attic is possible, a notable internal space of over 5 meters is obtained giving a full visibility of the above metal-cased roof.

The backbone of the latter was replaced by a truss structure with beams and steel rods.

Within the volume achieved two areas have been defined, a main one on the lower floor, resting on steel beams and detached from the perimeter walls, resting on metal beams and detached from the perimeter walls, so setting up a simple scheme characterized by the presence of a large, singular space containing a hanging second element made up by the loft. The zenital light coming from the roof skylights enhances the new spatial depth of the interior environment The overhead light from the skylights in the roof underscores the new interior environment spatial depth.

The residence spreads out on a practical two level-level bases, the main one in which the interior ambient is defined by furnishing and sliding panels, emphasizing the idea of a fluid space, free and flexible according to needs like the work-area, relax-area or guest-rooms. The two levels are connected to each other by a staircase which highlights a floor coupling with a reinforced concrete base and the lightness and delicacy of a box-like metal structure that climbs up to the loft floor.

The combination of high-tech items with designer items and vintage artifacts can define an attractive setting that reflects well some aspects of contemporary life style, an interesting mix of contemporary impositions of tradition and nostalgia.