Renovation of a residential building in Albiolo (Como), 2014


This already existing one family building, constructed at the start of the seventies, is actually made up of an independent two-floored villa, one part of which houses a private medical studio.

The project set out to completely redefine the inside by freeing the two floors and setting up a contrast with its original, complex outlay.

Works carried out on the entrance underline the position between two wood-covered doorways, some of the opening spaces being redefined in such a way as to frame the fine corners of the gardens and its horizons.

The interior design project aims at emphasizing the details of the existing outlay by concentrating on a large elliptical shaped entrance space into which are grafted the attached night and kitchen area.

The hallway of the night zone is a tube-like rectangular area, completely oak-wood covered to which are attached the various bedrooms and bathrooms facilities.

A long horizontal opening allows one to look out onto the garden during a walk. A series of apple green framed wall “niches” underline the rhythm of the route between the hall space and kitchen.

Finally a series of made-to-measure furniture and an exact positioning of design objects complete the scene.