New production plant and offices – Cagno (CO) – 2017

New construction
Offices, Selected projects

The project is aimed at the extension of a production complex originating from the 80’s and headquarters of a company active in the design and construction of mechanical components for the production of plastic materials.

The new buildings house the new production department, the design and production management offices for a total of more than 3000 m2. Added to this are the 300 m2 of the new building with services and recreational areas for staff.

The production buildings are characterized by a supporting structure in precast concrete. with a roofing system consisting of beams with wing profile with a single span of 25 meters. A considerable amount of natural light is provided by the macro-shed system in the roof.

The perimeter finish in prefabricated concrete panels is complemented by a second metal skin that, together with the large colored openings, draws the geometries and organizes the volumes of the buildings.

The new building with services for staff is characterized by the slender beam that defines the entrance space and by the same covering as the other buildings in which the dark metal skin is counterbalanced by the openings frames and colored column.