House on the sea – Corniglia (SP) – 2015

Residential, Selected projects

An accurate restore operation included in a wider project of “widespread villa” started in 2009. The architecture dialogues with the unique landscape of the “Cinque Terre” through the use of a contemporary language tempered by the recovery of elements typical of the local material culture.

As in a sort of architectural promenade, the connecting elements relate the multiple levels of the project in a continuous reference between interior and exterior, favoring the spectacle of the landscape. Very small volumes of living space on the dimensional plane are amplified, merging with the external surfaces thanks to diaphragms and permeable walls.

The interior design, as a naval inspiration, maximizes the spaces by solving in a few square meters all the needs of a mini of “suite” of great charm.

On the outside, slatted claddings and sliding shutters alternate with local stone and plaster, interacting with the elements of the context.