House 2.0, Solbiate con Cagno (CO)

Restyling and renovation
Residential, Selected projects

This project, called House 2.0, in support of the policies of recovery and renewal of the existing building heritage, intervenes on a residential building built in the mid-1970s. The building, surrounded by a beautiful garden, had the typical characteristics of single-family housing of that period and that geographical area: rectangular plan and openings overlapping between the different floors.

The new project completely redefines the design and organisation of the building, creating a strong relationship between the internal spaces of the house and the external areas of the garden. This relationship takes place directly, on the lower floor, through the large openings that connect with the pool area, while on the first floor the relationship is mainly visual. The large window of the living room frames the garden and the landscape, as well as the external living space of the terrace with sunshades is a “lookout” over the garden.

The building changes its “dress” and wears a high-performance ventilated facade system with aluminium panels and a thermal-acoustic coat. These solutions, together with the latest generation technology systems, allow the building to access energy class A.

The internal organization is characterized by the spatial fluidity between the living and kitchen areas, free, airy and full of light, with wide views that open towards the garden and the pool. The connection between this main space and the more private areas of the house is made through a separation space made up of transparencies, solids and voids obtained through a custom-designed furniture.

The interior design is characterized by the “stylistic hybridization” focused on the revisiting of traditional elements through a contemporary design and the use of new generation materials. Examples of this are the fabrics in metal yarn and the liquid brass finishes, used for the furnishings of the living area on the first floor, as well as the combination of Canaletto walnut and steel with a mirror finish of the furniture and the bookcase of the living room on the ground floor.

The new swimming pool and the renovation of the garden and outdoor paths complete the restyling made by Arcoquattro Architettura.