Historic house renovation and restoration, Milano, 2011

Residential, Selected projects

The project redesigns the conceptual distribution of a huge residential unit located in a wider noble set based in the historical area of Milan. The building is under Heritage control.

Having recently added two living rooms at the first floor allowed to plan a series of restauration and reuse works.

The noble internal living rooms at the ground floor and those located at the first floor facing the internal court and the private garden were mainly interested by the renovation works.

The ancient frescoed ceilings of a great historical and pictorial value were brought back to the original magnificence through a meticulous procedure of consolidation, cleaning and pictorial retouching.   

The reuse theme was instead developed redesigning the arrangement of the service spaces facing “vicolo Strettone” through a different layout. The new vertical connections design a double high space with the goal of maintaining the homogeneous surfaces.

Il tema del riuso ha invece riguardato locali di servizio verso il vicolo Strettone con una nuova diposizione planimetrica razionale articolata intorno a due nuovi collegamenti verticali progettati con lo scopo di consentire la lettura di doppie altezze e mantenere inalterate le continuità tra superfici omogenee.

The characterizing element of the intervention is the creation of the mezzanine within the library room, a minimal design structure built as a metal framework finished by glass plates and delicate wooden oak insertions.