Restoration of the ex-barn of Cagno

Residential, Selected projects

The restoration of a part of a rural courtyard which in past time was used as a stable and barn becomes the chance to revisit in contemporary key, spaces and building materials related to local agricultural tradition.

The works aims at the transformation of the building into a residence intervening with a structural reorganization on the non-compromised areas, the north side masonry being consolidated and that of the brick structure perimeter retrieved. The southern front keeps its central brick pillar and features wooden racks that bring to mind in contemporary key, the traditional grattics used for drying  hay.

The aligning conditions of the front with the neighbouring buildings of the courtyard just beyond the entrance are outlined by half-height timber, a depletion of the double height volume allowing the creation of a small private garden, a space filtering between the courtyard and the actual entrance of the home.

A central reinforced concrete staircase leads to the first floor framing a large opening of trees in the wood on the north side.

On the first floor around a light metal staircase the day zone is spaced out. The area remains free, without visual division if not only for the white line of the stairs leading to the night zone of the upper floor.

Particular attention has been paid to the passive energy reduction, the building having obtained certification class A.