Apartment, Milano, 2014

Residential, Selected projects

An organized apartment for a family of young architects: gathers in one space the living area that borders on the green foliage of the trees by four large windows from the pavement to the ceiling; the two bathrooms and the laundry were retrieved from a preexisting plant of a single service, previously the only use of the apartment. Finally, the rooms have been enlarged using the distribution range that has been replaced with what was a storage room in the prior arrangement.

The kitchen consists of three elements: the bench with the snack-bar in oak, the recessed columns with oven, fridge and cupboard; and last but not least the worktop dimple stone wall units and shelves above it.

Two large windows overlooking the inner courtyard leading to the morning light in the bedroom made of simple geometries.

The bathroom in anthracite resin suite that contrasts with the wooden grate of the shower and the sink cabinet.