An Ex-paint shop Becomes An Atelier For An Illustrator (Giulia Orecchia)


An old paint shop abandoned for years in one of the coolest areas of Milan is transformed into a creative space for a child illustrator.

Two rooms of a generous heights solely connected by a little door turn into a large connected space.

The small gate, through a partial demolition of the lintel and supporting wall becomes a full height aisle capable of connecting the two environments due to insertion of a sculptural bookcase wall which extends into the depth of the rooms.

The horizontality of the shelves alongside that of the half-height gangway stand out as dynamic connection features.

Going along the shared hallway, accessible from a staircase positioned as to face onto the road, one arrives at a “relax” area put together above the fullness of the space containing the bathrooms.

The whiteness of the walls, the raw iron of the book-case and the pitch pine floors are three simple materials that let go the impressive massive color of the art books and graphic design as to complete the making up of the space.

Photos: Matteo Garone